Worlds Best Plant Parent card - Two For Joy Illustration

Worlds Best Plant Parent card

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Do you know someone who has the magic touch when it comes to plants? Someone who can bring a fern back from the dead? Who can make a cacti triple in size, and who takes in plants and loves them for who they are? Then you can present them with this card with a lovely badge design - Worlds Best Plant Parent - that they can display proudly on their mantlepiece! 

This illustrative card features a leafy scattered border, framing a green medallion proudly displaying the words 'Worlds Best Plant Parent'

There is no further wording on this card which means its perfect for a birthday, a thankyou card, or even just a lovely thinking-of-you card, for no reason at all!

This 300gsm card measures 15cm x 15cm (6 inches in old money) and comes complete with a beautiful high quality Eco Kraft envelope.

My cards come Naked, which means without cellophane. The card will be well protected inside the postal packaging, and we save some plastic at the same time. 

All Two For Joy Illustration Greeting Cards & envelopes are both Made in the UK, and also 100% recyclable. 

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