Which Print hanger do I need?

How to measure your prints for print hangers

The sizes of our Handmade Wooden Print Hangers are based on Portrait print sizes.

You can hang landscape versions of your print using the next hanger size up. Please see the table below for more information on selecting the correct hanger.

 The size of your print The Hanger you need to purchase
A5 Portrait
A5 Hanger
A5 Landscape A4 Hanger
A4 Portrait A4 Hanger
A4 Landscape
A3 Hanger
A3 Portrait A3 Hanger
A3 Landscape A2 Hanger
A2 Portrait A2 Hanger
A2 Landscape Please contact us for bespoke pricing.


If you're a more visual person like me, you can use this handy graphic to help you pick the size you need :)