Gift of the Year 2021 - Kids Crafty Cards

Louise Richardson Gift of the Year Kids Crafty

Excited News! I've got a product in the finals of the Gift of the Year 2021 competition! 
My Kids Crafty cards are now up against three other companies in the 'Greeting Cards & Wrap' category.
I launched my Crafty Cards in June 2020. The collection of 30 cards took me about 18 months to develop - though in fairness, the idea came to me a few weeks before I gave birth to my son Arlo, so i was quite preoccupied. 
Through night feeds and clingy baby moments, i would note down and even sketch my ideas, creating them into the digital illustrative designs you see today, slowly but surely. 
Happy Birthday To You card, with cut out plane
Since then, the range has sold really well for me. It's also been picked up by Friends of Joules, and by the end of 2020 I think I had sold about 500 cards from the collection, which is amazing for me!
Being in the finals is a huge achievement for my little business - it's so lovely to see the hard work that went into this collection recognised, and by experts in the field too - the awards are judged by buyers and industry experts. Many of whom are retailers who i hugely respect.
I really want to work more with retailers in 2021, so this is a great platform for that. 
If you are a retailer and you are interested in seeing my wholesale catalogue you can email me on and i'd be only too happy to send you the details, with some free samples too!
Louise x

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